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Suppose, that the major most of us already knows, what become well and belongs to, indeed it's a prove „ repetition is the mother of wisdom. Therefore , please read these rules through, to avoid any misunderstanding.

Arrival and departure:

Arrival - arrival to the event is possible at first at the Friday morning. Latest possible arrival, so that you are quite ready (built camp, dressed in costume) to control of the weapons and armor (Saturday morning - in program).
Vehicles in the camp - departure of vehicles from the camp is best right after unpacking, but no later than Friday evening. From Saturday morning is no longer entry of vehicles allowed into the camp and lasts continuously until Sunday's end of the program for visitors (in program). In the case, that you need to immediately leave early, you can come with the car to enterance to the camp and take out things manually.

The camp life:

Costume duty - Costume duty begins on Friday evening.That means no plastic bottles,water pipes,uncostumed people...Of course if someone arrives late on Friday night, he can unpack his things and built tents in normal clothes but then as fast as you can to the costume and put the camp in order.You do not do it for us but for all the others who wait patiently all year for historical atmosphere of the camp.

Carrying of modern things - Same as there isn't possible to have visible modern or non-period belongings in the camp so it is not possible those things visibly carry around too.And not only during the program.We mostly mean by that plastic cups and trays which some of the reenactors carry with them to the camp among the visitors from the stalls. If you buy something in there,you should consume it there too or replace it to the historical dishes.

Dogs in the camp - If you have a dog in the camp,watch over him well. It is the owner who takes responsibility for his dog!Can not be allowed that the dogs eat someones food or „polute“surrounding area.
Only historical dog leashes are allowed.

In sum just behave considerately to the others and in maximum possible ways please follow the rules and manners of historical life.

Costume and adjustment bodies:

Shoes: unstrung only the footwear that belongs to the period of precocious Middle Ages in Europe, then no military and riding modern shoes, sandals, furry coils, Gothic shoes.

Trousers and rag – unstrung only natural materials like flax, hemp, wave, in the extreme case leather (indeed unvarnished). We don’t wish to see trousers made from modern elastic etc.!

Smock, tunic, doublet, caftans, cap – again same as with trousers, it's natural materials and cleavages from precocious middle Ages in Europe. Costumes can be frilly only with embroidery, tapes, or ribbon from pectineal state. Other „ trimming Gothic type, jingle bell, studs, rivet and so on will not to be tolerated. And more costumes made from black linen material are prohibited.

Glasses – at the Battle inadmissible!! In camp unstrung only at person high involved by sight, or after reproof. Contact lenses unstrung.

Glasses – not allowed:
- unapropriate tattoos (must not be visible)
- nonhistoric colour of hair (e.g. blue, red) or hairstyle (e.g. dreadlocks)
- nonhistoric make-up
- nonhistoric jewellery

What more leave at home, or hide away below part of costume – artificial furring, artificial leather, unfit jewellery (earrings, bracelets, appendages on neck etc ..), off - colour waists (military, varnished, …).

Women that will go to the battles (though only as archer) must be masked like man!!

Combat equipment:

Head protection Type of helmet must match with the armor (for example you can't have viking ocular helmet in combination with simple wadded armor).
– in due form made precocious medieval, metal crash helmets falling to the Slavic and Norse limits, further then quilted and filler cap, highly in demand will be leather crash helmets.

If you would like to use „Gjermundbu“ helmet, please send us a photo at We will write you back if the helmet will be accepted in equipment check on place.

Nobody who has ring had hood, Gothic, etc. will not be……

Cheekpiece and non-riveted ring curtains on helmets are prohibited.

Only archers,slingmen etc. Are allowed to the battle without head protection.

Hand and legs protection – leather cuff (and with iron chaff) and textile coil.

Inadmissible are different spikes, rivet, eye on cuff and gloves!

On gloves will rapid - fire particularly emphasis – to the battles will not be admit ring gloves, welding et al. modern excess.

Body protection – wadded armour, leather armor fit cuts (no cleavages peak Middle Ages etc.), multi - plate and scale leaf, leather and metal armour (authentic appearance), only riveted chain mails (no Romance sets, long riding, done other than St. Wenceslas style, with bigger than average of rings than 8 mm, zinc - coated, with Gothic „ decorative terminations margins).

Anything more leave at home – smithereens, different materials, connected by quoits, other unfit armour, off - colour waists and gear etc.

A poorer fighter is able to go to the battles with unguarded head, or bodies, indeed on his personal hazard!!

Combat munitions: The type of weapon must match with type of armour (for example, it is not possible to combine the sword and only wadded armour).

Swords, early medieval sabres, sax, scramasax and knives – only one - handed, with short protecting unit and in sheath!! And never only clamped behind girdle, or in racks.

Axes – single - handed, or long two - handed (so - called Danish). In either event however only one cutting edge!!

Spear – unstrung will be only with so called ball or coin at the end, or rounded tip.

Cudgel, crowbars – and suitable shoded.

Bows - only periodically applyable, with strength max. 35 pounds – cca... 17kg.

Arrows – only with corky tiny tip from Champaign (not from vine) fast put on wooden rod and wrap by carpet wrapper.

Fustiball and slings – fit construction, ammunition from boiled potato, or rolled up paper.

Shields – only wooden, round or oval form. Almond shields are not allowed. Minimum diameter of the shield is 70cm. Plywood shields must be lined all around and covered with the canvas or pelt. Grooved plywood shileds are not allowed. Ideally, however, shields made from wooden board. As next are prohibited splashy colors on the shields (shiny Balakryl etc.).

Combat pledge – are very welcome, indeed only with fit heathen motives (we're still relatively in a long time before Christianization).

What else leave at home - arms unfit construction and appearance.

At verification arms, will be rapid - fire especially emphasis on their safeness – must be hairpiece, without tooth, sharp edges, tips and spikes!!

Contemporary camp and his equipment:

Tentages – fit are tentage with construction shaped A or various shelters made e.g . . . from branches, grass and clay or tent duck. In the event of unfit equipment contemporary inside, must be tent closed (acts largely about, modern sleeping - bags, backpack …).

Gothic, Romanic et al. unfit tentage will be placed in to the no contemporary camp, so - called techno village.

Narrowly off limits will be visible plastic, dishes, nicotine products et al. no contemporary articles! Valid from Friday evening, when costume obligation starts!

Very welcome will be wrought, kettle - drums above fires, coffer, and desks and so on.

Please keep in mind that the organizers of this event have final word in these rules.

Infraction of these terms may lead to immediate deportation of whole group from the action.

Perhaps these boring, however necessary rules, much no poisoned you, indeed if they shall all hold, then the action will not be consolat only for the, eye of spectator, but largely therefore ours, and we will enjoy the atmosphere much more.

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